Delegate Positions

World Service Organization (WSO) has allocated 12 delegate positions for Area 2. We currently have four delegates and could use more! PLEASE pray and talk with your sponsor to see if this is something in your future.  (Ref: email, 20 Jan 2021)

The requirements for delegates are
1. Three (3) years in the Fellowship;
2. Two (2) years of service above the meeting level;
3. Attendance as an Area Representative in at least one (1) Area Assembly;
4. Two (2) years of continuous recovery in CEA-HOW as evidenced by two (2) years continuous abstinence;
5. Should visibly reflect the ideals of CEA-HOW in order to serve as a role model to others;
6. Must also be a qualified CEA-HOW Food, Inventory & Step Sponsor;
7. Must share an active relationship with their sponsor;
8. Declared themselves as practicing the Twelve Steps, CEA-HOW Concept and Seven Tools to the best of their ability.

If you know of someone who meets these requirements please invite them to serve.