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Up, Up and Away With Love February 14-16, 2025 in Scottsdale, Arizona. [Reunidos en Recuperacion, 14-16 de febrero de 2025 en Scottsdale, Arizona]. 

Click below to register, pay, and donate to the Area 2 Assembly. Registration closes 12/31/2024. All attendees must register, no walk-ins will be allowed. [Haga clic a continuación para registrarse, pagar y donar a la Asamblea del Área 2. El registro cierra el 31/12/2024. Todos los asistentes deben registrarse, no se permitirán visitas sin cita previa.] 

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Scholarship Application click here open May 1, 2024 Las becas para la Asamblea del Área 2 de 2025 estarán disponibles el 1 de mayo

Search for Delegates for 2023

World Service Organization (WSO) has allocated 11 delegate positions for Area 2. We currently have four delegates and could use more! PLEASE pray and talk with your sponsor to see if this is something in your future. The requirements for delegates are:

  1. Three (3) years in the Fellowship;
  2. Two (2) years of service above the meeting level;
  3. Attendance as an Area Representative in at least one (1) Area Assembly;
  4. Two (2) years of continuous recovery in CEA-HOW as evidenced by two (2) years continuous abstinence;
  5. Should visibly reflect the ideals of CEA-HOW in order to serve as a role model to others;
  6. Must also be a qualified CEA-HOW Food, Inventory Step & Traditions Sponsor;
  7. Must share an active relationship with their sponsor;
  8. Declared themselves as practicing the Twelve Steps, CEA-HOW Concept and Seven Tools to the best of their ability.
  9. Declared themselves to be practicing the Twelve Traditions and Concepts of Service of CEA-HOW to be affirmed on their Delegate application form.

If you know of someone who meets these requirements please invite them to serve. 

WSBC 2022 Report out

World Service Business Conference (WSBC) for 2022 was held 20-22 July 2022 at the Los Angeles Airport Sonesta Hotel. The Area 2 delegates were: Elaine E (UT) , Linda D (CO), Jose F (AZ) and LB C (NV)

Items under review included:

ByLaws Motions:

  1. Create a WSBC Spanish Language Literature Standing Committee (Passed)

Policy Motions:

  1. Forever Abstinent Food Plan Booklet – update the Proteins section, including adding subsection: Plant-based Proteins (Passed with a large amount of review and modifications)
  2. A proposal to add a paragraph to the Forever Abstinent book to address changing metabolism issues as one ages.  (Passed)
  3. Creation of support literature “As Bill Sees It – A Further Look for Experienced Members”, a set of questions for program support and introspection. (Passed)
  4. Creation of support literature “Musts and Miracles in CEA-HOW Recovery Questions”, a set of questions for program support and introspection. (Passed)
  5. Creation of support literature “Recovery, Unity and Service: Questions based on AA Comes of Age”, etc…. (Passed)
  6. Proposal to split “The Sponsor Guidelines” booklet into two different publications; Newcomers to the CEA-HOW Program (steps 1,2,3)  (Passed)
  7. Proposal to split “The Sponsor Guidelines” booklet into two different publications; Sponsor Guidelines (steps 4 and 5). (Passed)

Also reviewed was the Ad Hoc Committee Report on Zoom meetings for intergroups. The Ad Hoc Committee made recommendations for consideration for the WSBC 2022 Conference. The motions were rejected by the Board for consideration prior to the conference. In general terms, the Board is treating the current issue as still being in a temporary state because of the Covid crisis. Links:

Our Area 2 delegates/representatives hold the following assignments:

  • Elaine E: Education Committee & Special Needs Committee
  • Linda D: Agenda Committee & Urgent New Business Committee
  • Jose F: Director (Congrats Jose!)
  • LB C: Public Information Committee & Website Committee
  • Lorraine S: Director (Lorraine is completing the 1st year of her 2nd two year term)

Area2 Quarterly Mtg — Saturday 23 July 2022

The Area 2 Quarterly Meeting, to be held on Saturday, July 23, during the World Conference in Los Angeles, and also available via Zoom.

The next Area2 Quarterly Mtg will be held on Zoom, 27 November 2022 at 1PM (PST), 2PM (MT).

Feb 2022 Area2 Assy – Speakers

We had some great speakers at the Area 2 Assembly. For anyone who missed the event, we offer recordings of the speakers.

First up, our opening keynote speaker — Daryl, Part 1 of 2

Opening keynote speaker, Daryl, part 2 of 2.

Next comes our first men’s speaker, Paul.

The Men’s second speaker is Jose. This one is entirely in Spanish.

Here is our Women’s speaker #1, Esther, Part 1 of 2:

And Esther, Part 2 of 2:

And our closing Keynote Speaker, Reba, Part 1 of 2

And Reba, Part 2 of 2


Donate to our Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are provided for those who may need help with funding. CEA-HOW Area Two is a 501(c) organization. All Scholarship donations are tax deductible. Scholarship applications will be available in the fall for those interested in applying.